Social Development

SUS is dedicated to fostering social changes within its operational areas through various interventions. By raising awareness and promoting good practices derived from SUS’s health and education initiatives; the community members are empowered to actively engage in development work with enthusiasm. The areas of focus cover health, disability and social education which address a wide range of issues affecting individuals, human development and communication. SUS works to offer confidence in people, enabling them to become informed and responsible.

By involving the entire community in the planning and development process; SUS aims to create an environment where individuals are encouraged to explore social dynamics and emotional well-being. This holistic approach facilitates the attainment of a comprehensive and balanced lifestyle. Multiple interventions are employed to augment social development, providing people with opportunities to enhance their overall well-being.

Thematic Objective
To create friendly environment for poor and marginalized people to get access into quality health, disability and education services.

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE)
SUS has been implementing NFPE since 1992 for deprived and dropped out children. Total student completed their course: 21,258 (Upto December 2021).

At present, SUS is implementing NFPE as “Sustainable Quality Primary Education”. Total School: 110 (Triton Textile Ltd-TTL funded: 100, SUS and Community Contributed School: 10), Total student: 3,266 (Boy: 1,456 and Girl: 1,810). TTL School: 100 (Student: 2966, Boy: 1310, Girl: 1656), SUS and Community Contributed School: 10 (Student: 300, Boy: 146 and Girl: 154). 

Education Scholarship
Every year, 7 students from secondary school level to university get scholarship through “Sabalamby Education Scholarship”. 

Sabalamby Hospital
SUS has been implementing the activities of “Sabalamby Hospital” since 2010 with a view to provide quality health services to the poor people especially children, adolescent and women. At present, Cap Anamur (German Emergency Doctors) is providing equipment and medicine supports.

Services of SUS Hospital
Promotive (Community meeting, Courtyard meeting, School health program, Day observation e.g. World Health Day, National Immunization Day-NID, Safe Motherhood Day, Advocacy and Counseling).

  • Preventive (Vaccination for new born baby, TT vaccine for pregnant mother and female (14-45 years), Autoclave and incineration, Personal hygiene, Safe drinking water and sanitation, Gardening).
  • Curative (Outdoor patients e.g. ANC care, post natal care, Child health care, general patients, Indoor patients: operative patients, EOC services (caesarean section), Normal delivery, Satellite clinics).
  • Rehabilitative (Cleft lip and palate operation, Clubfoot correction by ponseti method, Physiotherapy, Different assistive device promotion).
  • Capacity building (Training, Exchange visit, Weekly clinical session among the clinical staff, Monthly staff meeting).
  • Supportive (Laboratory facilities, Ultrasonogram facilities, ECG, Ambulance services, Pregnancy package).

Adolescent, Sports and Culture Program
Sabalamby Unnayan Samity and Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) have been implementing Cultural and Sports Program in a collaborative manner with a view to establish a culture and sports friendly society and nation by incorporating best practices of human beings with financial development through healthy culture and sports practice as the part of diversified program of sustainable poverty alleviation.   

SUS is running different activities to spread traditional/own culture and sports; morality, purity and integrity practices through small and large scale arrangements at rural and urban areas for mental and physical formation and exposure of youth/adolescents especially bringing leadership, self-confidence, unity and punctuality among the adolescents and youth.  

Rehabilitation of Person Living with Disability (RPLD)
SUS has been implementing the project in Netrakona sadar and Kendua upazila of Netrakona district and Mymensingh sadar upazila of Mymensingh district since 01 July 2023 by the financial assistance of Banglabari vzw, Rupelstraat 15, 8820 Torhout, Belgium for ‘Rehabilitation of Person Living with Disability (RPLD)’. The project period is 01 July 2023 to 30 June 2026.

Goal of the project
To contribute to social inclusion and enhancement of special children’s potentiality in Netrakona sadar, Mymensingh sadar and Kendua upazila through sensitization, advocacy and ensuring basic physio therapy services.

Walk For Life (The National Clubfoot Program of Bangladesh) (Upto September 2023)
SUS has been running the project with the assistance of The Glencoe Foundation, Australia and Health & Family Welfare Ministry, People’s Republic of Bangladesh since 12 April 2011. The expertise comes every Sunday in a week. 

Since April 2011-September 2023: Total number of patient registered: 732, Total number of feet cast: 1844, Total number of patient undertaken tenotomy (Operation): 517 and Total number of patient on brace (Special Shoe): 641.

During January-September 2023: Total number of patient registered: 48, Total number of feet cast: 308, Total number of patient undertaken tenotomy (Operation): 43 and Total number of patient on brace (Special Shoe): 40.