Advocacy and Networking

Advocacy and Networking

Networking is simply a process for initiating and maintaining contact with individuals and organizations that share and support common goals and agree to work together to achieve those goals. SUS has involved with different national and district level network for strengthening relationship with GO/NGOs for achieving/exercising rights and demands of community. Community awareness, advocacy and networking are the key components to achieving organizational assignment. SUS has been implementing different events in collaboration with different like-minded local, national and international organizations.

Thematic Objective

To strengthen relationship with GO/NGOs for achieving/exercising rights and demands of community.

At national level-

  • Campaign for Good Governance (SUPRO);
  • Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE);
  • Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF);
  • National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD);
  • National forum for stop violence against women (Jatiya Nari Nirjaton Protirudh Forum-JNNPF);
  • Financial Inclusion Network-Bangladesh (FIN-B);
  • Bangladesh Health Watch (BHW);
  • South Asian Network on Freedom of Religion or Belief;
  • Civil Society Organization Alliance;
  • Right To Food;
  • National Alliance for Humanitarian Bangladesh (NAHAB);

At district level-
SUS is involved with the following committees such as:

  • District Law and Order Committee;
  • Government Legal Aid Committee (District level);
  • Meet the Press;
  • District Drugs Control Committee;
  • District Acid Control Committee;
  • Rehabilitation Assistance Committee of Acid Affected Women and Disables and Special Opportunity Act 2006 for Women Prisoners;
  • District Disaster Management Committee;
  • District Disable Rehabilitation and Welfare Committee;
  • Monitoring Committee of Identifying Sensitive Cases;
  • Monitoring Committee of Protecting Women and Children Trafficking;
  • District Women in Development (WID) Coordination Committee;
  • District Community Policing Committee;
  • District Corruption Prevention Committee;
  • Women and Children Prisoner Protection Committee;
  • District Supervision and Monitoring Committee for implementation of RTI;
  • Advisory Committee of Strengthening Information of RTI Law;
  • District Human Rights Preservation and Protection Committee;
  • District Early Marriage Prevention Committee;
  • District Violence against Women and Children Prevention Committee;
  • District River Training Committee;
  • District Social Welfare Committee;
  • Joiyata and Trainees Selection Committee of District Women Affairs Directorate;
  • District Human Trafficking Prevention Committee;
  • Citizen Responsibilities of Road Safety (Nirapod Sorok);
  • Complaint Receiving Committee regarding awareness & Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse in work place.
  • Security & Rights related Town Committee of Persons with Disabilities, Netrakona