Advocacy and Networking

Networking is simply a process for initiating and maintaining contact with individuals and organizations that share and support common goals and agree to work together to achieve those goals. SUS has involved with different national and district level network for strengthening relationship with GO/NGOs for achieving/exercising rights and demands of community. Community awareness, advocacy and networking are the key components to achieving organizational assignment. SUS has been implementing different events in collaboration with different like-minded local, national and international organizations.

Thematic Objective

To strengthen relationship with GO/NGOs for achieving/exercising rights and demands of community.

At national and international level

Campaign for Good Governance (SUPRO)

SUPRO is working throughout the country for establishing Non-communal, accountable and democratic country. As a partner organization of SUPRO, District campaign committee of SUS observes International women day, World health day, pre-budget sharing meeting, grass-root level workshop for preparing participatory budgeting etc.

Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)

CAMPE is a national level networking organization which is working for mass education for the primary level children. The organization is networking for international level education campaign. SUS is one of the council members.

Bangladesh Shishu (Children) Adhikar (Rights) Forum (BSAF)

BSAF is a national level networking organization which is working for establishing children rights. SUS is one of the members of BSAF which is working at grass-root level to ensure child rights and reduce child labor. SUS is keeping linkage with shishu academy, Netrakona with a view to establish rights of the children.

National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD)

NFOWD is a national-level networking organization which is working for advocacy and networking to establish rights of the disabled persons. SUS is a member of NFOWD which is working in Netrakona and Mymensingh and is campaigning for the rights of disables and is linking the disables in inclusive education, ensuring the smooth mobility system in school and market for the disables. SUS refers to the clients in different institutions. SUS is lobbying for access to government opportunities i.e. disables lifelong allowances and income generating support from social welfare department.   

National forum for stop violence against women (Jatiya Nari Nirjaton Protirudh Forum-JNNPF)

JNNPF has been established in 2006 with different person, organization, representative of civil society, journalist, women leader those who are working at local, national and international level with a view to prevent violence against women. At primary stage, it started its work at 16 districts by forming 16 networks. At present, it is working 25 districts through 27 networks. SUS is a member of this forum. The following activities were performed in 2012: coordination meeting of campaign officer; meeting of executive committee; inception and orientation of the head of district secretariat organization; national seminar on “Reducing socio-legal barrier for getting justice of victimized survivors”.  

Financial Inclusion Network-Bangladesh (FIN-B)

To develop, share and disseminate knowledge and Expertise on financial inclusion through stimulating exchanges, developing collaboration and promoting the Network to its members as a knowledge partner in their preferred areas of inclusive finance.

Bangladesh Health Watch

BHW was established in 2006 by a group of concerned citizens and experts to bring about lasting improvements in the health sector of the country. Since its inception, BHW has been publishing a series of informative and evidence-based reports on important contemporary issues in the health sector bi-annually. In 2019, BHW decided to expand its activities and become more actively engaged in generating evidence and advocating for changes while creating ways of bringing citizens’ voice to the forefront. Its secretariat is housed at James Pre Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University. Its activities are guided by a Working Group and an Advisory Group consisting of experts from wide ranging related disciplines.

Mission: To provide a strong platform through which healthcare professionals and programmers, researchers and citizens can get their voices heard and thereby influence policies and programmes impacting citizens’ health.Vision: A country where all citizens are able to achieve optimum health through policies and programmes based on evidence and citizens’ voice.

South Asian Network on Freedom of Religion or Belief

SUS has recently acquired the membership of this network.

At districtlevel

Since inception, SUS has been trying to keep good working relationship with different GO-NGO institutions and other development players. Presently, SUS is involved with the following committees such as: District law and order committee; Government legal aid committee (District level); Meet the press; District drugs control committee; District acid control committee; Rehabilitation assistance committee of acid affected women and disables and special opportunity act 2006 for women prisoners; District disaster management committee; District disable rehabilitation and welfare committee; Monitoring committee of identifying sensitive cases; Monitoring committee of protecting women and children trafficking; District women development committee; District community policing committee; District corruption prevention committee; Women and children prisoner protection committee; RTI monitoring committee; District Human Rights Prevention and Protection Committee.