Wave of Changes

The organization is staying beside the deprived poor people to change their economical, political and socio-cultural status. We are working as a catalyst. We are trying to bring positive changes and enhance their capacities by performing

different awareness-related programs as well as capacity development programs. The organization publishes different informative flyers and posters on a regular basis and shares activities and thoughts on social media and sits with the staff to discuss social changes and working strategies.

The organization brings back the dropout children through non-formal primary education to the mainstream educational system. The organization provides child and mother care services at a very low cost. Persons with disabilities especially children become rehabilitate by getting therapy. The organization works for physio-psychological changes of adolescents and youth. The organization plays a significant role regarding women’s empowerment through assisting in the formation of Community Based Organization (CBO) and Civil Society Organization (CSO). They contribute a lot to reducing discrimination that helps to bring positive changes to society.

The organization works for the ethnic minority groups for changing their livelihood condition. Climate change holds the biggest threat for the future; we respond quickly during different environmental disasters. The organization has been enabled to put a deep positive impression on society by its development activities/initiatives over the last decades.