Sabalamby Hospital

SUS has been implementing the activities of “SUS Hospital” since 2010 with a view to provide quality health services to the poor people especially children, adolescent and women. At present, Cap Anamur-German Emergency Doctors is providing equipment support.

Services of Sabalamby Hospital

  • Promotive (Community meeting, Courtyard meeting, School health program, Day observation e.g. World Health Day, National Immunization Day-NID, Safe Motherhood Day etc, Advocacy and counseling).
  • Preventive (Vaccination for new born baby, TT vaccine for pregnant mother and female (14-45 yrs), Autoclave and incineration, Personal hygiene, Safe drinking water and sanitation, Gardening).
  • Curative (Outdoor patients e.g. ANC care, post natal care, Child health care, general patients, Indoor patients: operative patients, EOC services (caesarean section), Normal delivery, Satellite clinics).
  • Rehabilitative (Cleft lip and palate operation, Clubfoot correction by ponseti method, Physiotherapy, Different assistive device promotion).
  • Capacity building (Training, Exchange visit, Weekly clinical session among the clinical staff, Monthly staff meeting).
  • Supportive (Laboratory facilities, Ultra-sonogram facilities, ECG, Ambulance services, Pregnancy package).