Sabalamby Unnayan Samity (SUS) has been running handicrafts project since its inception. SUS has renamed Handicraft project into “Sabalamby Entrepreneur Developments Center” in 2019. It targets the poorest and most vulnerable women of working area such as: widowed or divorced especially adolescent girls those who are in risk of early marriage. SUS provides the beneficiaries with a clean and safe working environment. It also provides health and legal support to the producers.

At present, 39 producers are producing batik, embroidery, handloom, bamboo, cane and jute products and most of them are women and adolescent girls. Out of them, 21 are working at SUS handicraft sections as full time worker and rest 18 producers are working at their homes as a part time worker. The products are being sold through SUS own sales center along with order collected from local and foreign buyers. A design team mix traditional patterns and styles with modern and foreign influences. It always tries to use organic, natural and local materials.