ManagementĀ  Process

Effective performance management ensures the optimum outputs of the staff in a sustainable manner. Organizational management is led by the management team consists of the executive director along with 4 senior level staffs of SUS. All strategic issues are discussed and reviewed and resolved by this team. All operating and regular issues are discussed and resolved through 23 members Organizational Development (OD) Task Force. Assistant Program Directors, Project Managers and their equivalents are empowered to deal with those issues. SUS operates projects with different themes by the assistance of various donors. It has developed project management structure for all the projects it runs. SUS has established practices for free flow of information both horizontally and vertically. SUS is gender responsive organization. SUS has developed necessary policies which are being implemented accordingly. SUS reviews its personnel and financial management manual as well as other policies at regular basis.

Governance Process

The governance of the organization is a value led driving force to govern an organization. SUS has 7 (Seven) members executive committee drawn from local and national elites and social workers. The board is very supportive to the management. The executive director is nominated by the executive committee as sole implementer of SUS. The executive director is responsible for making coordination, collaboration and networking with donors and other officials. SUS shares its plan, budget and other strategic matters with the board and get them approved for implementation.

Accountability and Transparency

SUS is endowed with long standing committed staff members who have over the years grown with this organization. SUS is running its programs through a right-based and integrated approach. SUS always tries to provide quality services. SUS is accountable to donors, government as well as community people. SUS is transparent regarding information, reporting, sharing and disseminating important ideas and messages.

Core values of SUS

Quality Service, Holism/Integration, Sustainability, Peopleā€™s Participation, Human Dignity, Secularism, Gender Equality.