District Health Rights Forum, Youth Forum and Project Launching Program

District Health Rights Forum, Youth Forum
and Project Launching Program

To bring a sustainable positive change in the health sector, “Bangladesh Health Watch” is working since 2006. Improving the standard of health service by representing public voice, crating strong civil society platform in addition to influencing policymakers to ensure citizen friendly health service is the mission of the organization. To reach their goal the organization works with multilevel stakeholders closely along with some local level partner organizations, Sabalamby Unnayan Samity (SUS) is one of them.

On 27th September 2021, formally the journey of District Health Rights Forum and Youth Forum has started. In a daylong program with the presence of both forum members and government officials the formation and inception programs have been organized in Conference room of Sabalamby Unnayan Samity.

Objective of Health Rights Forum and Youth Forum
Both the forum has been formed with the view of attaining specific goal and objectives. The District Health Rights Forum consists of 15 members and Youth forum consists of 20 members. Specially the forums will work in a systematic manner as a local platform to observe and represent the gaps of local health services. Their united voice will be focused in different local, sub national and national forum also it will help to influence policy makers at the end.

Summary of Events
The District Healt Rights Forum formation has been started on 10 am by the inaguaral speech of host organization’s executive director. Then representative of Bangladesh Health Rights Forum has displayed the presentation where gola and objective of the forum was cleared. After then invited members hahe participated in an open discussion and shared their experience and expectations, besides that they have given their consent by filling membership form. Then with the concern of all participants Retired Professor Matindra Sarker has been elected as President of the district health rights forum. Then he has given his welcome speech and invited other member to elect other committee members as criteria and they have elected committee members through a democratic process and open sharing.

On 12.30 the Inception program has been started with the speech of the President of Health Rights Forum< Netrokona. Then representative of Bangladesh Health Rights Forum has displayed the presentation where gola and objective of the forum was cleared. After the Presentation Committee members has participated in an open discussion with special guests like, Deputy Civil Surgeon, medical Officer, health Inspector and other health workers about the challanges of their services and how the DHRF can play their role of advocacy to facilitate the scenario. At the end the special guests have given their speech and welcomed the new forum members.

After lanch Youth forum members have gatherd again for the formation of youth forum and District Health Rights Form President and Youth Affairs secretary have participated in the event. After the inaugural speech of Health Rights Forum President, all the youth forum members have introduced formally with each other. And with the cleare mended of all Md Imran has selected as President of Youth Forum. After his welcoming speech other committee members have been nominated.

Expectation of Participants
 Assit the forum for long term to enhancer its effectiveness
 Creating an information flow from local to ntional level
 Addressing challenges of COVID-19 locally
 Expand the initiatives in different upazilas
 Arranging annual grand sharing of the committee members to share their challenges and success
 Introducing forum member formally with health sectors officials and other administrative officials.
 Arrange combine sharing of yout forum and district health rights forum in regular basis.

The president of youth form have given his speech and mentioned that how the youth of Netrokona ha worked during the COVID19 pendamic besides government health workers. And still now many members of the group are directly involved with national vaccination campaign. At the end the distrci health rights forum president have concluded the daylong events through his speech and he has wishes the success of youth forum and dishtrict health rights forum. He also wishes that our collective effort can bring a positive change in the overall health service of Netrokona.