A story of advancement

Women have become self-reliant by producing cow’s milk
Faridpur Noyapara, a village under Shingher Bangla Union of Netrakona Sadar Upazila under the Netrakona District of Bangladesh. At the beginning of the project, it was observed that women of this village were not involved in Income Generating Activities (IGA) and they were not aware of income-generating activities. They only knew the everyday jobs of women and girls are household work. They knew that men earn money and they would live with the help of men. But after the implementation of project work, the situation has been changed. Now, women are involved in income-generating work. This has created women’s source of income as well as family welfare. At the same time, this has increased women’s empowerment. Now, they spend money according to their decision. And they can afford the educational cost of their child. The women of this village are very interested in cows rearing. Each home has multiple dairy cows. They produce an average of 3-5 liter of milk. It sells at a rate of 50 Taka per liter. At least 25 women in this area are involved with this kind of activity. They are earning and able to spend. They said they are happy with it. Women empowerment and Gender Equality project team are assisting them by providing technical support.